When you join 2Konnect, you become part of the 2Konnect worldwide Community!  Imagine joining the 2Konnect Down-line Matrix of tens of thousands of people in a single worldwide community focused on creating multiple streams of income for you. 2Konnect helps you build your own personal team.

  • It’s One Team, One Time!
  • No more alienating family, friends and co-workers.
  • Everyone is helping to build the downline matrix one last time.
  • It works!


When you join 2Konnect, you become part of the 2Konnect worldwide Community! Imagine joining the 2Konnect Down-line Matrix of tens of thousands of people in a single worldwide community focused on creating multiple streams of income for you.  2Konnect helps you build your own personal team.

Imagine being paid month after month for the work you do one time.  Then watch your income grow because others, like you, will do the same thing.

The power of People, the power of the Matrix, can all be yours by Joining Now.

Make $25 or more, month after month

Get paid simply by giving away free website marketing systems to interested people who upgrade and get paid $25.00 per person, per month. Powerful and unique marketing is done for you…

There is no limitation to the number of websites you can give away and your potential income is unlimited! Work at your own pace and choose your own hours. It takes just a few minutes to give away each Free Website.

2Konnect can be an excellent, main income or second income that will grow to substantial levels. This is an income opportunity you can take advantage of and make good money from the comfort of your own home.


Your Income is Unlimited… Below could be your Potential Earnings!!! Income Builder Commissions are paid Monthly.

The amount of income you are able to make is unlimited and is determined by how much effort you put into this program. You earn a minimum $25.00 per Citizen Income Builder you sign up - there is no limit, which means there is no limit to your monthly income!

When you first begin this program, an average user should be able to sign up a conservative 2 to 4 or more people per month. But remember, this is Residual Income and accumulates over time. If you signed up just 4 people each month, by the end of one year, you would be making $1200 a month, every month! After 2 years, you would be making $2400 a month… every month!

We have a Proprietary 2K1 System that has been making a ton of money for us every day and we need help sharing this with others. We have STEP-BY-STEP instructions that walk you through sharing Free Marketing Websites so that you could start making money today!

It's so exciting to make money every day! I personally wake up basically running to the computer to check my account for new sign ups! I've been using this same system for a few years and there hasn't been a day that I did not make money.

Make Money 7 Days A Week!

2Konnect is now building the world’s largest single downline Matrix with people all around the world joining in to be at the top of the matrix. With one matrix, the potential for amazing income is staggering.

No need to build a new downline every time a company fails, changes compensation plans, losses interest or gets bored… They will be in multiple companies with multiple incomes so you know they are going to stay forever… One Team, One Time!

It’s fast… It’s easy… It’s great Income…
month after month after month!



Membership has it's benefits


Personally Sponsoring TWO Citizen Income Builders will make you $50 a month in commissions – You are already making a profit!

No need to design or build your personal website, everything is done for you to help you build your online business. You simply enroll as a Citizen Income Builder and help others enroll as Citizen Income Builders and then watch your monthly commissions roll in.

As a Citizen Income Builder, you will receive the following marketing site: – your gateway into the 2Konnect Community, the 2K1 Program and Multiple Streams of Income.


As a member of the 2Konnect Community you will be placed into a 2 wide forced Matrix. As a member of this single Matrix you will also have many chances to enroll in other money making opportunities. You can now enjoy multiple streams of income.

Automation and technology will market to your team into those opportunities without you having to sell anything, make any calls or bug them to build their downline – it’s completely automated.

100% of your commissions are paid directly to you – there is no middle man – you receive 100% of your commission weekly, semi-weekly or monthly.

What are you waiting for?

JOIN the 2Konnect Community and start building the life

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